A museum is best experienced through a personalized tour. Our guided tours can be booked in multiple languages and are adjustable to the interests of our visiters.

Kinderen op bezoek in Historisch Museum

Group tours

Historisch Museum

You can book guided group tours during and outside the regular opening hours!  You will pay an entrance fee per person plus an additional fee for your tour guide. (There's a limit of 10 people per tour guide).

Historisch beeld van de stokers in Gemaal De Cruquius

Guided tours

Cruquius Museum

Cruquius Museum offers guided tours for groups in English, French, German and Dutch any day of the week. We kindly ask you to book these in advance. Contact us through +31 (0)23 - 023 52 857 04 or via secretariaat@shmdc.nl. We will assist you in arranging a perfect visit to the museum.